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A man seeking inner peace and harmony.

Some days are better than others.

29 September 1966
I am pagan in my belief system.
I do not ask you or anyone else to believe as I believe. I have two gods that I look to for support and listen to the lessons they deliver with more importance than the others. I am not "exclusive" with divine energy. I do understand that there are many sources for "divine" and I do "listen" to what they all have to say. I do exercise free will and make my own choice in the end. In the end only "I" am responsible for my spirit. I do not have specific names for the two gods that I respect above all others. I call them "God and Goddess" or "Lord and Lady". I understand that my finite human brain was never designed to comprehend a divine being or beings in their true form. I also believe this of their names. They are. I listen to the energies of the living being we choose to call "earth". I believe that she has many gifts to give us and lessons to learn. I also believe that she is a living, breathing person with her own unique heart, mind and spirit. The stewardship of her is one of the responsibilities that I participate in. I believe that there are sentient forms of life that do not have what we would consider "tangible" bodies. These are called by a variety of names and have been known to take tangible form throughout time. I am not exclusive in source for the names that I choose to address these spiritual divine beings by. Update: Two has become three, Divine masculine, Divine Feminine and Grandmother Spider. DM covers, Transition and Change, DF covers Nurturing and Growth, GMs Covers the web that connects us all in all time and all space, both choices made and choices not made.
"Changes come from within."
The only person I can control is me. If I don't enjoy the way I respond or react to a given environment I have some choices:
1) Reframe what I am experiencing so that it is a pleasant experience and I enjoy the way I respond to that given environment.
2) Seek the lesson of the situation and learn from it.
3) Call a boundary and walk away.
My code of conduct and a promise to myself:
"Your life will be better with me in it than without me in it. If this is not the case then we need to talk and see if compromise or adaptation can be made. If not, then I need to remove myself from the interaction.
On that same note
My life needs to be better with you in it than without you in it. If this is not the case then again, we need to talk to see if compromise or adaptation can be made. If not then I need to remove myself from the interaction."
Time is limited and in that is a very precious commodity to me.
If you want to know me better, spend time with me and let me know that you would like to spend more time with me.
My days off are Monday and Tuesday. I work afternoons (Wednesday through Sunday) from 10:30am to 8:30pm (with travel and prep etc) I'm an avid facebook user, texter and truly detest actually talking on the phone.
My 5 languages of love:
Mine in order are:
Quality time
The order in which I show these is different:
Quality time
and gifts and services are acts which I do not enjoy giving as an act of showing you my love.
For those of you who know astrology.

My chart