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A man seeking inner peace and harmony. — LiveJournal
Some days are better than others.
History: when my wife and I were in a triad, it devolved (catastrophically). Because my wife and I never discussed what kind of triad each of us thought this was and what the consequences were of it devolving we are both still dealing with the trama of that breakup nearly three years later. Each of us had a different viewpoint of what we thought was happening and what we thought would happen "if" the triad broke up. Ouch is an understatement, that pain has echoed with both us for years and the trust of having thirds has been highly diminished. If by exploring this idea (setting up both the expectation of the model and the expectation of devolution of the model) helps even one other person from having to go through the pain and recovery process my wife an I are currently going through, then this document was worth the hours of work I put into it. 

Disclaimer #1: love is a cut tagCollapse )
Did I miss any triadic configurations? If so please let me know what you've thought of so I can add to the source document.:)
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I haven't been reading this LJ in a very long time. I've done the same thing here that I've done on facebook. If you were removed it wasn't because of something you did. If you would like to be re friended comment and I'll be happy to add you back. This is a cleansing. Once friended there is a second post here that you'll be able to see.:)

Its not about you or anything you did. I'm literally regrouping.

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From which I just returned:

Random Costume photo's
The Tricky Pixie concert
The judged costume contest

Much better experience than the last con I went to.:) So I may be going to con's again.:)
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MARS in retrograde as of the 20th of December (in Leo) More Here

MERCURY in retrograde as of the 26th of December (in Cappricorn) More Here

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